Wildhorse Riverworks

WRI :: Company Background

Wildhorse Riverworks, Inc. (WRI) was incorporated in 2004, but did not begin operation until July 2008. WRI offers a full range of stream and wetland project assistance from the initial site assessment and survey to project design, installation, and planting. Phil Balch is the president and principal of Wildhorse Riverworks, Inc. (WRI). Much of the accomplishments and project history were performed by Mr. Balch during employment with previous firms or agencies.

WRI :: Project Experience

Mr. Balch has over 20 years of experience in the fields of wildlife biology, biological sciences, stream assessments, soil bioengineering, streambank stabilization and riparian restoration.

Before starting Wildhorse Riverworks, Inc., Mr. Balch was a founding partner in The Watershed Institute, Inc., a natural resource consulting group. Prior to helping form the Watershed Institute, he served over 10 years with Kansas State Conservation Commission as the Riparian and Wetland Protection Program Coordinator. While working at the Commission, Mr. Balch developed and expanded the Riparian and Wetland Protection Program. This program provided Kansas landowners technical and financial assistance for various practices such as riparian fencing, alternative livestock water supplies, wetland restoration and creation, riparian buffers and filters, and streambank stabilization. Mr. Balch was responsible for the design and creation of seven stream model trailers in Kansas and numerous others throughout the United States. These trailers were distributed throughout the state and are used for public education on fluvial geomorphology, stream dynamics, and proper stream management. He was also responsible for the creation and development of a statewide Riparian Technical Team. This inter-agency, inter-disciplinary team coordinated training and served as an interagency communication link on various agencies stream activities. To date, Mr. Balch was been responsible for the primary design and construction over-sight for stabilization, riparian restoration and wetland projects on small streams and major rivers (for both rural and urban sites) including the Arkansas, Big Blue, Cottonwood, Kansas, Little Blue, North Platte, Neosho, Republican, and Smoky Hill.

Mr. Balch was the project manager for two statewide stream research projects: The Geomorphic Assessment and Classification of Kansas Riparian and Streams Systems and Assessment, Geomorphic Definition, and Documentation of Kansas Stream Corridor Reference Reaches.

Phil is the primary author and editor of the Kansas Stream Corridor Management Guide. Currently, Mr. Balch has been responsible for surveying and designing 359 stream and wetland projects totaling over 74.3 miles of stream rehabilitation, 594 acres of riparian habitat, and over 88 acres of wetlands. He has also been involved in training courses on the subjects of stream assessment and streambank rehabilitation in Ohio, Kansas, Florida, Missouri, Louisiana, and California. In addition to Kansas streams, Mr. Balch has been involved with stream restoration project design and installation in Colorado, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska and Wyoming along with designing wetland projects in Kansas and Missouri.

WRI :: Mission Statement

Provide Ecologically Sound, Cost Effective Solutions for Creating, Repairing or Restoring Stream and Wetland Systems Along with Riparian Areas, While Advancing Sound Stream Corridor Management Solutions

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